[Gnome-print] printing Summitt

Some of you may not recognize my name, I'm Keith Burres a Project   
Manager at VA Linux.  Currently, Ben Woodard, Jeremy Allison, and the
rest of the team are on a project to extend Linux printing capabilities.
It's pretty clear that with all the effort going on related to Linux and
Open Source printing, some sort of high level consensus and cooperation 
would be really valuable. This can be seen in some of the threads that 
have been going around the gnome-print mailing list.

One thing that we at VA thought might be useful would be to invite the
major players and interested parties in the printing arena (gnome-print,
KDE, HP,Epson, Xerox, the rest of the interested print vendors, CUPS,
XFree86, Samba, RedHat,Debian, LPRng, etc. etc...) to California for a  
day or two to share with each other the problems that they are facing   
and the ideas that they have for solving these problems. During this  
brain storming session we also hope that some personal relationships   
will be built to help facilitate the kind of cooperation necessary to  
lift linux printing from the state that it is now in into the best of
class for both client and server side computing.
VA does have some money put aside to try and organize an activity.   
Please let me have some feedback as to whether this is a good idea and
also who are the right players for the summit. Obviously, if we are
targeting July, time is of the essence and a quick response would be
greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance for your help. 

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