Re: [Gnome-print] Re: [Gimp-print-devel] An introduction to gnome-print (fwd)

> 7) Spooler capacity/network bandwidth.  Raster files can easily exceed
>    50 MB/page.  A single 100 page print job can consume 5 GB of disk
>    space, and if the printer is remote, require almost 10 minutes on a
>    100 Mb Ethernet just to transfer.

That is the worst case scenario.  For text Chema has the output down
to 30k per page which is just a mere 30 megs.  Of course, this
requires using `advanced' techniques like PCL compression.

Let me see:

	Case 1: Sending text to printer in rasterized mode.

		For the rasterization on the app case: 30k per page.
	        100 pages: 3 megs of data.

		Sending with postcript can be down to 300k for the
		same text. 

		300k is pretty irrelevant for a 100 pages text
		document.  Honestly

	Case 2: Sending a full page image, 50Mb of data per page. 

		Sending it as a ready-to-use raster file: 50Mb.

		Sending it as a Postscript file encoding the file: 50
		* 1.5 = 75 megs.

So in the worst case scenario we fall into the noise, and in the best
case we generate smaller files.

Tell me again, what is wrong with this setup?


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