Re: [Gnome-print] Re: [Gimp-print-devel] An introduction to gnome-print(fwd)

   From: Miguel de Icaza <>
   Date: 05 Jun 2000 22:44:58 -0400

   > That's fine, but you're closing your mind to other efforts that are
   > taking place and ignoring very real problems that people are telling
   > you about.

   I disagree.  I do not see any real problems that people are telling me

I don't know if you realize it, but the approach you're taking --
devising your own incompatible way of doing things, assuming that your
way is going to be universal, emphasizing short-term ease of use and
postponing solving bigger problems until the need slaps you in the
face -- appears to me to be remarkably similar to how Microsoft
operates.  I'm not saying that to be gratuitously insulting, merely to
point out that your approach in this regard seems to be to ignore
everything else that has been done before and roll your own from
scratch, and to pay no regard beyond "we can solve this" or "we don't
care about the server" or "you haven't proven that there's a problem."
Well, there are problems, there are people here who have actually
encountered them, and just saying that you won't encounter them isn't
going to make them go away.

Robert Krawitz <>

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"Linux doesn't dictate how I work, I dictate how Linux works."
--Eric Crampton

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