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> Ben Woodard wrote:
> > ...
> > Miguel you and your team write to the API. We can either do this as
> > a traditional shared library that applications call or we can make
> > it a component.
> Isn't this what Corel's APS library does?

Not exactly, APS works the other way around. It trys to figure out
what you have and then provide some middleware between that and the
application. I think that the correct way to do it is to have each of
the spooler developers to provide a library or a component which
provides a standard set of functionality.

> > ...
> > I think that most of the work will have to go into the "enumerate
> > capabilities of printer" portion of the API.
> Right; FWIW, CUPS already provides this functionality through the
> CUPS API (which is LGPL'd and handles all of the IPP/HTTP protocol
> and PPD stuff for your app)

I think that when we design the API we should look at what you have
and take it into consideration. Most likely for you most of the API
function calls will be thin wrappers on the CUPS API. However, I
believe that some features that the cups guys want or need will be
non-trivial for you to implement.

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