Re: [Gnome-print] Re: [Gimp-print-devel] An introduction to gnome-print (fwd)

>    Mos of which are programs. gnome-libs package from Red Hat 6.1 is less
>    than megabyte. To /usr/lib it installs less than 1.8MB of files.
>    Aside standard stuff (X etc.) it requires esd, gnome-audio, xpm, jpeg and
>    png libraries. Not very much.
> It requires SOUND support?

It is fully optional.  I have my own GNOME without sound, because it
pisses me off.  

> MOST people?  Where I happen to work (a major system vendor), I
> haven't heard Gtk+ mentioned even once.

I think you are just out of the loop ;-)

> Wait a minute -- there IS a free Postscript renderer around.  It's
> called Ghostscript.  What am I missing here?

maybe the problem is that any solution around it really sucks?


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