Re: [Gnome-print] Re: [Gimp-print-devel] An introduction to gnome-print (fwd)

>    Still I think that in near future libgnomeui is installed in most
>    computers, so this is no-issue.
> Sorry, I don't buy it.  KDE users won't do it, nor will Motif users,
> nor will CDE users.  

So we rather reinvent the same software and rewrite the code to avoid
someone feeling like they are betraying some cause?

And now that I think of it Motif and CDE users have as much use for
Gtk+ as they do for GNOME.

If you say `Oh, but the GIMP is the greatest application ever' in this
context, I will ask:

	1. Do people actually buy Motif/CDE systems to run GIMP?

	2. And if they do, do they actually buy those printers you
           have been writing drivers for?

My guess is `not really'.  Sure, you can point to a few people, and
they do care about functional software, there is no Jihad in there

> If they need to be running X in order to handle printing, then we're
> just implementing Windows all over again, where the GUI permeates
> everything (and destabilizes and bloats it).

You must be confused.  Linking with Gtk (because of the Gtk Object
system) does not mean initializing X at all.  It only means calling

> It bothers me that a lot of the GNOME stuff seems to assume that GNOME
> will be universal, and that requiring a lot of the GNOME subsystems to
> be installed is perfectly OK.  That isn't how it works in the real
> world.  If you want to do a generic UNIX printing facility, you need
> to completely give up on the idea of GNOME being part of it.

I will keep my dream, and I will keep pushing for what makes sense,
not for what `the real world' has.

> Where I think you're overreaching is in going after the back end.

GNOME is about bringing missing technologies to free systems and
enable free systems to be used on the desktop.  And we will write and
implement what needs to be written and implemented.


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