Re: [Gnome-print] GnomePrintSettings

Mark Hamzy wrote:
> Hello,
> > > Are you going to have the ability to disable widgets if the driver
> > > does not support a particular feature?
> >
> > Well, the GnomePrintSettings are only going to be used for settings
> > that are set by both the print dialog and the application. Like
> > Orientation & Paper Size. This settings are often found inside apps
> > and are also inside the print dialog & Config dialog of the printer.
> How many settings are you going to provide?  Is is just going to be
> orientation (there could be up to 4 values, btw) and paper size?
> Would you consider other common options such as monochrome/color,
> copies, the paper tray, n-up, duplexing?  Once you start including
> these, I was asking if you would have the ability of disabling features
> if the printer driver does not support it.  You could also simulate
> some of the features.

Yes, we can disable all the features that we don't need.

> Also, are you going to pass the translated form names around?  If so,
> then you would have problems printing from a German client to a
> Japanese server if a metafile is printed (instead of printer specific
> format).

The information is passed arround by ID. The id's are not translated
as the names are. Every Option is composed of at least a name & and
id. Like Id:"Letter" Name "Us/Letter" or Id:"MediaSize", name :"Media

> > So this object is going to be used only for those settings. Regarding
> > your questions, we don't need to disable any widgets for a particular
> > printer, it works the other way arround we only create the widgets
> > that the printer is specified to create. [This are the GpaSettings]
> Is the dialog going to be placed in the driver or in gnome-print-admin?

1. gnome-print build the print dialog print dialog. 

2. Applications can add arbitrary widgets to the print dialog
or some from the "stock" widgets inside gnome-print-dialog.
(Like gnome_print_dialog_construct_range_page )

3. If the "Properties" button right next to the printer name
is clicked, gnome-print-admin builds the settings dialog
for that printer. This is the same config dialog that 
gnome-print-admin builds when it is used to set the default
system settings (If the dialog is created from the print dialog
we hide some configuration options, not specific for that job
like spooler settings) which looks like this :

The settings you see on the screenshot are not the GnomePrintSettings
I was talking about in my prev. email. The settings that are beeing
set in those dialogs are GpaSettings (from libgpa). The
object is used because the app needs to include in other
(non-gnome-print related) dialogs information that afects gnome-print.

For example :
Say gnumeric in the print settup dialog (which is not
build by gnome-print) the user can specify the Orientation for printing.
We need a way to hook this orientation with the settings in

The user can change the orientation in both the gnumeric dialog and 
the dialog that he gets when he clicks "Properties". So this object
is used to hold that information. When the orientation is changed,
the settings inside gnumeric are updated and viceversa.


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