Re: [Gnome-print] GnomePrintSettings

Mark Hamzy wrote:
> Hello,
> > We create a new Object called "GnomePrintSettings", which is an opaque
> > object. The widgets for Paper Orientation, Print Margins & Paper size
> > can be created by gnome-print from this Object. When the "Properties"
> Are you going to have the ability to disable widgets if the driver
> does not support a particular feature?

Well, the GnomePrintSettings are only going to be used for settings 
that are set by both the print dialog and the application. Like
Orientation & Paper Size. This settings are often found inside apps
and are also inside the print dialog & Config dialog of the printer.

So this object is going to be used only for those settings. Regarding
your questions, we don't need to disable any widgets for a particular
printer, it works the other way arround we only create the widgets
that the printer is specified to create. [This are the GpaSettings]

> Don't assume that the margins are evenly distributed.  For example,
> the left hand margin might be 1/4" while the right hand margin would
> be 3/4".  An application would have to know both margins if it wants
> to center anything.

Ok. Yes, we need to pass an ArtDRect (which is basically a array of 4
to get the margins & boundig box. I don't know what I was thinking when
I wrote this.

Thank You,

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