Re: Press release for OSUOSL give6 campaing

Hi Diego,

A quick question -- when you say the board, do you mean the board is
using GNOME funds for this or the board each donated $6?

I think that makes a significant difference...

Is OSUOSL doing a press push or release? We probably should be
contributing a quote to their release or something rather than driving



On Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 3:04 PM, Diego Escalante Urrelo
<diegoe gnome org> wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> OSUOSL is on a campaign to get donations to support themselves. The
> campaign goes about giving 6 dollars for the 6 years it has been
> running. While not a critical part of our infra, we do benefit from some
> services running there. So the Board agreed to donate $60 to them and
> would like to accompany it with a press release.
> Rosanna is handling the payment, so as soon as that's done we can go
> ahead and publish this.
> Here's a draft, what do you think?
> PS: I don't mind if the press team takes over this from me :-)
> --8<--
> For the last 6 years our good friends at Oregon State University Open
> Source Lab have been doing an incredible job of providing mirroring
> services for many big Free Software and Open Source projects.
> Right now the OSL is looking for funding, and they are just asking for
> $6, one per each year they have been online.
> GNOME already signed up with $60. Every user of this fantastic mirror
> and
> hosting service is encouraged to donate. Give them 6!
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