Press release for OSUOSL give6 campaing

Hey everyone,

OSUOSL is on a campaign to get donations to support themselves. The
campaign goes about giving 6 dollars for the 6 years it has been
running. While not a critical part of our infra, we do benefit from some
services running there. So the Board agreed to donate $60 to them and
would like to accompany it with a press release.

Rosanna is handling the payment, so as soon as that's done we can go
ahead and publish this.

Here's a draft, what do you think?

PS: I don't mind if the press team takes over this from me :-)

For the last 6 years our good friends at Oregon State University Open
Source Lab have been doing an incredible job of providing mirroring
services for many big Free Software and Open Source projects.

Right now the OSL is looking for funding, and they are just asking for
$6, one per each year they have been online.

GNOME already signed up with $60. Every user of this fantastic mirror
hosting service is encouraged to donate. Give them 6!

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