[gpm] documentation about what privileges are required to get cpufreq/suspend work


I'm on Debian/SID. I used to be happy with gpm 2.22 and debian has
upgraded to 2.24 (quite old i know).

With 2.22, everything used to work fine:
- cpufreq scaling on AC, switching to power save on battery
- suspend to RAM.

All i remember is adding myself to the powerdev group + a few patches to
uswusp and i was good.

Now with 2.24, looks like the entire privileges stack has move to
polkit, and i have no idea how it works (i don't really want to know), i
can't find any documentation on gnome-power-manager about what is needed
for a user in order to get cpufreq and suspend work.

Surprisingly, suspend to ram still works through gpm but i have no idea
why. But cpufreq is totally broken, nothing work anymore, back to
cpufreq-selector :)

Anyone please point me to something about how to get things back.

(The debian bug i've opened 
http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=528596 )
Benoît Dejean
GNOME http://www.gnomefr.org/
LibGTop http://directory.fsf.org/libgtop.html

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