[gpm] how to awake display from power down?

I am running Debian testing with Gnome 2.22.

I have a caller id script that pops up an xmessage when my office phone
rings.  I have only four rings until the call rolls to my cell phone.  I
am often using a different machine or otherwise busy and the screensaver
has kicked in.  I can use "gnome-screensaver-command -d" to deactivate
the screen saver.  Alas, after long enough the Gnome power management
turns off the display, and popping up an xmessage does not turn the
display back on.  With the seconds ticking by, I have to wiggle the
mouse and await the hardware switch before I can see the caller id info.
I can disable the power manager from ever turning off the display, but
that seems like a big waste of power.

I looked though the dbus-send commands in the gnome-power-manager
source, and I don't see anything that reverses the power down state.
Could someone tell me how to awake a powered down display
programmatically?  Is there a simple way to simulate a mouse movement
using a script?  Or a dbus-send command?

Thanks a lot!


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