[gpm] german translations wrong

Hi, the german translations in the context menu are wrong. These are no
spelling mistakes or something, but logic errors:

Everywhere in the preferences
Hibernate translates to "Ruhemodus"
Suspend translates to "Stromsparmodus"

In the context menu whereever
Hibernate translates to "Tiefschlafmodus"
Suspend translates to "Ruhemodus"

As you can see this is pretty confusing.
I've three suggestions:

1. I would translate to "Tiefschlafmodus" where hibernate is meant.
(For not-german-speakers: This means "deep sleep")

2. I would translate to "Ruhemodus" where suspend is meant, cause
"Stromsparmodus" means powersave, and that is what gpm is doing without
any settings. And if you put your computer in powersave mode, you think
you can stay using it, but when it suspends you can't use it.

3. I would add in braces "Suspend-to-Disk" and "Suspend-to-RAM" because
the non-english translations can mean anything.


PS: I added the changes I made.

I prefer signed/encrypted Mail:
Fingerprint: E654 8A99 94C2 FC96 7DFD  00E4 8599 0FF9 F14C 7BB9
--- de.po.old	2006-04-15 18:52:18.050771696 +0200
+++ de.po	2006-04-15 18:59:32.327751560 +0200
@@ -151,7 +151,7 @@
 #: ../data/gnome-power-manager.schemas.in.h:26
 #, fuzzy
 msgid "Suspend enabled"
-msgstr "Stromsparmodus"
+msgstr "Ruhemodus aktiviert"
 #: ../data/gnome-power-manager.schemas.in.h:27
 #, fuzzy
@@ -564,12 +564,12 @@
 #: ../src/gpm-manager.c:842
 #, fuzzy
 msgid "hibernate"
-msgstr "Ruhemodus"
+msgstr "Tiefschlafmodus"
 #: ../src/gpm-manager.c:845
 #, fuzzy
 msgid "Hibernate Problem"
-msgstr "Ruhemodus"
+msgstr "Problem mit dem Tiefschlafmodus"
 #: ../src/gpm-manager.c:900
 #, c-format
@@ -581,12 +581,12 @@
 #: ../src/gpm-manager.c:902
 #, fuzzy
 msgid "suspend"
-msgstr "Stromsparmodus"
+msgstr "Ruhemodus"
 #: ../src/gpm-manager.c:905
 #, fuzzy
 msgid "Suspend Problem"
-msgstr "Stromsparmodus"
+msgstr "Problem mit dem Ruhemodus"
 #: ../src/gpm-manager.c:1275
 #, fuzzy
@@ -848,7 +848,7 @@
 #: ../src/gpm-tray-icon.c:109
 msgid "Suspend the computer"
-msgstr "Rechner in den Ruhemodus versetzen"
+msgstr "Rechner in den Ruhemodus versetzen (Suspend-to-RAM)"
 #: ../src/gpm-tray-icon.c:110
 msgid "Hi_bernate"
@@ -856,7 +856,7 @@
 #: ../src/gpm-tray-icon.c:111
 msgid "Make the computer go to sleep"
-msgstr "Rechner in den Tiefschlafmodus versetzen"
+msgstr "Rechner in den Tiefschlafmodus versetzen (Suspend-to-RAM)"
 #: ../src/gpm-tray-icon.c:112
 msgid "_Preferences"
@@ -924,7 +924,7 @@
 #. The text that should appear in the action combo boxes
 #: ../src/gpm-prefs.c:56
 msgid "Suspend"
-msgstr "Stromsparmodus"
+msgstr "Ruhemodus (Suspend-to-RAM)"
 #: ../src/gpm-prefs.c:57
 msgid "Shutdown"
@@ -932,7 +932,7 @@
 #: ../src/gpm-prefs.c:58
 msgid "Hibernate"
-msgstr "Ruhemodus"
+msgstr "Tiefschlafmodus (Suspend-to-Disk)"
 #: ../src/gpm-prefs.c:59
 msgid "Blank screen"

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