Re: [gpm] Re: Gnome 2.16 Module Proposal: GNOME Power Manager

On tis, 2006-04-11 at 11:47 -0400, ext David Zeuthen wrote:

> I think it's just crazy talk to propose yet another daemon running as
> root just to solve the not-so-interesting edge case of enforcing policy
> when no one is logged in. Btw, I've suggested to some NetworkManager
> developers to behave more like gnome-power-manager (so we don't need a
> NetworkManager daemon running as root and an ugly split into system and
> session daemon) and they liked it. I've been wanting to propose this on
> the NM list but I've been very busy with other stuff.


Not all GNOME users are regular desktop systems.  Some systems (like the
Nokia 770, for instance), run power management solutions that are
completely customised at the moment because they need to have working
power management even when there's no user session running.

IMHO, all hardware specific power management features
(suspend/hibernate/cpufreq/voltage scaling, etc) should be abstracted to
HAL; that's what it's for -- Hardware Abstraction.  A power management
policy daemon (running even when there's no X), that communicates with
the kernel through HAL, and with user applications through DBus, can
then make appropriate policy based decisions, based on configuration
values (read from a conf-file, gconf, a plugin-system, whatever).  The
only thing needed in GNOME/KDE would be a graphical frontend that shows
notifications/status (the UI-part of gnome-power-manager), and a
configuration interface (for changing the policies used by the daemon).

Regards: David Weinehall

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