gpilotd vs gnome-volume-manager

Just curious about this one....

What's the usefullness of the option in gnome-volume-manager to "Sync palm devices when connected"?  It seems to me that g-v-m and gpilotd share common functionality, in that both are desktop daemons which sit in the background catching events from HAL and acting upon those appropriately.  Ok, that is very generalised, and currently the g-v-m implementation is not very useful for syncing my palm because, on my system by default, it runs gpilotd-control-applet
when the hotsync button is pushed, which only displays the gnome-pilot settings dialog. But potentially gpilotd could have an added command option that makes it to run the device sync code once and then exit, and that would be callable from g-v-m.

Is that an option that would be considered useful, or something that has ever been considered in the past. I think it could potentially improve the integration of gnome-pilot with the gnome desktop.... I initially found the need to add a panel applet for gnome-pilot confusing (and I still don't totally see why it should be necessary).

Anyway, any thoughts would be appreciated.


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