Re: Future of gnome-pilot?

Hi Andreas,

On Tue, 2008-08-05 at 16:21 +0200, Andreas Ritter wrote:
> Hello!
> As I was curious if gpilot would sync especially birthdays in (near)
> future, I found this thread.

Tom's recent post partially answers your question.

> J-Pilot has just a new release, which can greatly sync all new
> PalsOS5-Fields, even pictures work great!
> The question could be also stupid, but why can't you coopearate with
> j-pilot? Isn't it possible to integrate this code in gpilot? or look at
> j-pilot's code and know how to to that in gpilot?

Yes we should absolutely use the jpilot work to aid development of the
gnome-pilot conduits, but it sounds as though there is a fair bit of
additional work on the Evolution side.  We just haven't had the
resources.  I'm hopeful that I'll be able to spend some time on the
conduits over the next 6 months to address the top requested items:
birthdays, photos, corrupted addressbook fields, possibly
multiple-calendar sync, etc.  I'll need to get my head into the
Evolution code as I'm not familiar with it at all.

> So, but anyway: Thanks for your work, I'm using it for many years!!!

Thanks, that's always nice to hear.


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