Re: Uuploading files to a palm - How to?

2007/1/23, David A. Desrosiers <desrod gnu-designs com>:
On Mon, 2007-01-22 at 13:08 +0100, Adriano wrote:
> How can I upload files from the computer to the Palm (a Palm m500
> PDA)? I might be a bit dense, but the obvious didn't work.

Since the Palm has no notion of "files", your question probably needs a
bit more clarification...

But I think you meant to say "How do I install applications on the
Palm?", and that can be done with gpilotd-install-file using GNOME, or
pilot-xfer if you choose to go that route (make sure you kill the
gpilotd process first, they will directly fight for contention of the
port when your Palm connects).

On devices with an external storage card, you can use the latest
pilot-link's support for VFS to write "real files" to the card, but
you'll need to be careful about how your Palm handles them.

For example, copying a .jpg file to your SD card won't necessarily mean
that the Palm Photos application can see and display that file. It has
to be in the right place, indexed by the Photos application and so on,
before it can be seen. Likewise for ebooks that must exist in specific
directories on your SD card for applications to see them.

pilot-xfer --help should have some detail, and the manpage will have
more, including examples. If any detail is missing, let me know and I'll
add it as best as I can, without turning the manpage into a HOWTO.

Thanks for the detailed answer. I did figure out I needed to transform
my files to stuff the palm could read, so I used txt2pdbdoc and then
synced as explained in the original reply to my question. I'll try
pilot-xfer and see what it does.

Adriano Varoli Piazza
The Inside Out:
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