Re: problem syncing on OpenSUSE 10.2

On Mon, 2007-01-15 at 10:46 -0500, Wendell MacKenzie wrote:
> OK, some more debug info. 
> If I change the conduit's setup on the gpilot-control-applet to
> Synchronize for address, contacts and
> memos and do a sync, it doesn't crash the treo, but I get the below:
> Synchronization failed!
> message.   If I set either the address or contacts conduit to "Copy to
> PDA", this will definitely cause
> the treo to reset at what looks to be the same spot in the contacts or
> calendar location.
> :(....
> The system error log on the treo is as follows:  (##3773 on keypad after
> the reset occurs):
> A reset was caused on 15/1/07 at 10:31am while running "HotSync";
> DataMgr.c,Line:8898, dmWrite: DmWriteCheck failed

I did a quick google for the above line, and came up with:

"I had this happening with DateBk5 and it turns out that some
applications leave the Calendar database dirty with undeleted records.
DateBk5 distributes a utility called "dbscan" that will scan the PIM
databases and delete bad records. My problems disappeared after using
this utility."

This sounds like a possible culprit.  If evo crashed, perhaps due to:
then I guess it might have left data on your treo in a corrupt state.



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