Re: problem syncing on OpenSUSE 10.2

--- Wendell MacKenzie <mackendw sympatico ca> wrote:

> Hi Nathan:
>    Thx for the reply...problem now has shifted to the's 
> rebooting upon sync attempts at every
> one.  I finally reset the thing hard and am in the process of reloading 
> it.  Problem is my evolution conduits
> are missing from gnome-pilot. ??  eaddress-conduit, ecalendar-conduit, 
> ememos-conduit.  What might
> have deleted those?

The conduits are loaded from the $INSTALL_ROOT/share/gnome-pilot/conduits directory. In that
directory are files with a .conduit extension. gnome-pilot reads each of those files upon startup,
and uses the data in each one to load the correct conduit files.

Do you have more than one gnome-pilot installation, each installed in different locations? If so,
you could be running a gpilotd instance that's looking in a different conduits directory. Beyond
that, ensure that the evolution conduit files appear in the directory (e-address-2.8.conduit,
e-calendar-2.8.conduit, e-memo-2.8.conduit, and e-todo-2.8.conduit).


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