Re: Pilot synch issues

Hey Andrew,

Have you tried running gpilotd from a terminal and watching the output?

Does it crash at a specific point in the sync? For example, mine crashes if I have the TODO conduit enabled. I'm not too bothered, so I turned it off and it works. I haven't yet gotten round to investigating why.

To run from a terminal you need to kill any running gpilotd processes, then run gpilotd which will probably be in one of these locations:

That will hopefully provide more information on what's causing gpilot to crash. If you want to log the output, this format will work:
/path/to/gpilotd > /path/to/some/file 2>&1



Andrew Greig wrote:

I have had some difficulties with synch since moving to Mandriva 2007.1.
But this was address by Frederic Crozat on the Evolution list.  He
referred me to the latest Gnome-Pilot file.

I installed it and now I can synch.  But it always finishes with a
message that the synch dropped the connection.

My calendars appear to be up to date so I am attaching the last three
bug-buddy outputs.

Hope this helps

Andrew Greig
Community Distributor,

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