Re: Tre 755

On Wed, 2007-08-15 at 07:55 -0400, Jeff Maxwell wrote:
> Has anyone had any luck getting the new Treo 755p to connect under
> Linux?
> I am running Fedora 7 and in attempting to run the gPilot set up to
> establish the connection, the Treo times out.  gPilot never gets
> connected.  
> I've tried different settings - using USB etc.


If you've resolved this in the past few days, then ignore this post...

I had the same problem with a 700p.  The only thing I could get to work
was libusb; visor always timed out.  It's worth noting that unlike the
300 and 600, the 700p connects right when it's plugged in, not when you
hit sync.

Also, to prevent the visor module from loading, I had to actually move
it out of the modules tree; otherwise that always prevented a libusb
sync.  I think that may be a Debian etch problem since resolved in
lenny, that there was only one very obscure way to prevent certain
modules from loading, but give it a try if you can't get visor out of
the way.  Now pilot-link can see it every time.

But even with all this, getting gnome-pilot to sync successfully takes a
couple of tries, "good timing" which I haven't figured out, maybe phase
of the moon?  When I plug it in and don't sync, gpilotd suddenly runs
flat out, taking all of the CPU, so I need to "Pause Daemon" before
plugging in if I just want to recharge.  I think that to get it to work,
I need to plug in and hit sync just before this happens in order for it
to successfully sync...

YMMV.  I'd be happy to help figure out how to make this work better.

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