Syncing one of multiple calendars


Thanks for the great work on gpilot, it's a life saver for palm users
like me who switched to Linux.

I have 4 calendars in Evolution. Three local, one web. I've just got a
new Treo 680 and I'm having the same problem that I had with my previous
Treo 650.

The calendar will sync once and only once. After that, I can't get data
to move from the treo to the pc or the other way. I've tried
"synchronise", "copy from pda", and "copy to pda" but none of the
options have any effect on either my pc or my pda.

I realise I can only sync one calendar to the treo, and I'm happy enough
with that. Can anyone suggest how I should go about troubleshooting my
current problem?

Is it possible to get other conduits for gpilot? For example, a conduit
that syncs my calendar directly with a SyncML server or something of
that nature?



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