Re: gnome-pilot can't see my palm V (jpilot can)

On Thu, 2006-05-25 at 13:37 -0400, Matt Price wrote:
> On Thu, May 25, 2006 at 06:06:41PM +0100, Matt Davey wrote:
> > > NET RX type=190 txid=0xef len=0xed030302
> > 
> > Cool cool cool. maybe.
> > Here's a curious thing: '190' in decimal is 'be' in hex.
> > The first two bytes apparently being read from the file descriptor
> > therefore spells 'beef'.  This is deeply suspicious.  Check out:
> >
> ok, way above me.

The important thing is that "len=0xed030302" is nonsense - claiming that
the data coming from the palm is about 3.8GB.  pilot-link is expecting
about 50 bytes, and due to a bug starts trying to copy 3.8Gb of memory
into a 50 byte buffer, and unsurprisingly crashes.  What I don't know is
how we're getting to this state, and what's going wrong.

Has your kernel or udev package changed since the initial dapper
release?  Is it possible for you to downgrade your kernel and/or udev?
That's the sort of stuff I'd be looking at.  I'm tempted to try
installing dapper myself to dig into these problems, as they're not
showing up on other distributions (as far as I know). 

> > Another way of accomplishing the same thing is to suspect the gpilotd
> > process by ctrl-Z at the command line, start the hotsync, and then
> > resume gpilotd with 'fg'.
> > 
> no go -- I get the same behaviour as before, 

Bummer.  I had my hopes...  One other thing to try is killing gpilotd
and perhaps 'bonobo-activation-server' too, then starting a hotsync and
then starting gpilotd.

> (gnome_segv2:17370): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:
> that looks like a strange warning to me -- is gpilotd trying to open a
> window to talk to me?  

It is probably trying to open the bug reporting window.  Not sure why
it's not able to.  Are you starting gpilotd from a terminal with a valid
DISPLAY environment variable (do "echo $DISPLAY"; if it's not set, do
"export DISPLAY=" or "setenv DISPLAY"
depending on whether you use bash or tcsh.  That may or may not help.
Either way, no biggie.

> I can't find the "LANSync" pref panel on my palm, will continue
> looking for it/try to figure whether it is available on the V.

On my palmV (OS 3.3), it's available as follows:
1. go to hotsync application,
2. select 'local, direct serial' hotsync (as you already do, I'm sure)
3. go to 'menu->LANsync Prefs' and select 'LANSync' instead of 'Local
HotSync'. OK.
4. go to 'menu->Primary PC Setup' and set 'Primary PC Name' to "!!", and
then set the 'Primary PC Address' to the IP address of your gpilotd
process - try '' if you're running pi-nredir and gpilotd on the
same machine.  And set the subnet mask to ''.


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