Re: gpilotd-control-applet not working.

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> Subject: gpilotd-control-applet not working.
> Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2005 15:02:09 -0800
> I've spent a while trying to get my Palm m125 to work in FC4.  I've
> installed the latest packages I could find:
> gnome-pilot-2.0.13-4.i386.rpm
> gnome-pilot-conduits-2.0.13-2.i386.rpm
> gnome-pilot-devel-2.0.13-4.i386.rpm
> pilot-link-0.12.0-0.pre4.0.fc4.2.i386.rpm
> I've been able to successfully backup my palm using pilot-xfer.  The
> problem is when I use the Gnome app (gpilotd-control-applet).  It
> to be getting a connection but gpilotd reports the following when the
> control applet tries to retrieve the user information:


don't know if you are still playing with this issue, but you should try
setting the timeout parameter in the applet to zero.


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