Re: Network Sync

On Wed, 2006-01-04 at 04:26 -0800, dhfoo (sent by wrote:
> I have downloaded the patch mentioned but I cannot re-compile the src
> RPMS. I get the following error when running "rpmbuild -ba": 

I'm not surprised!  The published patch is for gnome-pilot 2.0.12, and
will not work with pilot-link later than 0.11.8.

The good news is that I've updated the patch and am hoping to get around
to building some RPMs against it.  I posted the patch to this list a few
days ago, but it is awaiting moderator approval because the message size
was slightly too long.

The patch is against the current gnome-pilot CVS (anything post 3rd
November should be okay), but it can't be applied to 2.0.13.  I don't
have much time for working on this stuff right now, but I guess I should
produce a version to patch against 2.0.13, as that remains the latest
official release.

Please contact me if you are keen to test the updated patch.  You'll
need to get hold of the current gnome-pilot CVS source.


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