Re: need help installing package update

The easiest method would be to create a new ebuild for the package in an
overlay.  With many Gentoo packages, it's as simple as copying the old
ebuild and using the new version number.  Then just check if there any
version specific files or patches and it should compile.

To use an overlay do the following (more or less):

1. In make.conf, add a line like PORTDIR_OVERLAY=/usr/local/portage
2. Create the dir
3. cd the dir
4. mkdir app-pda
5. cd that dir
6. cp -Rv /usr/portage/app-pda/gnome-pilot/ .
7. cd that dir

The add the new ebuild in here.  Remeber to 'ebuild new_ebuild.ebuild
digest' after editing the ebuild.


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I've messed my Gentoo/Gnome installation of Gnome-Pilot up...
The Gentoo portage tree only has ver 2.0.13 and same for conduits so i
unmerged gnome-pilot and gnome-pilot-conduits. and then installed
versions 2.0.15 from tarball.

Now i think I've lost the daemon? What would be the best tack for me
to install the latest Gnome-pilot under gentoo?

Best Regards,
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