Re: wifi hotsync ?

> Thanks very much Matt for your answer.
> Infact I have got also the usb cable but for instance I can't
> synchronize at all (USB, Bluetooh, wifi).

Ah, okay.  So let's try USB then.

Here's your checklist:

1. Can you use pilot-xfer?  Try:
	pilot-xfer -p /dev/ttyUSB0 -l
   try ttyUSB1 if that doesn't work.
   I'm really hoping you don't have trouble at this stage.
   If you do have trouble, do 'ls -l /dev/ttyUSB*' while the
   palm is trying to sync, just to verify that the devices
   are getting created with the right permissions by your
   udev rules.

2. Assuming step 1 is okay, now check that the file
   /proc/bus/usb/devices exists.  If it doesn't you'll have
   to mount the 'usbfs' filesystem:
	mount -t usbfs none /proc/bus/usb

3. Now we check that your USB device ID is recognised by gnome-pilot.
   I don't think you've told us which palm you have, so do the following:
	cat /proc/bus/usb/devices
   And look for the "Vendor=xxxx ProdID=xxxx" text corresponding to
   your palm device.  Make sure there's a corresponding entry in the
   file.  If there isn't an entry, make one.

4. Now start the 'gpilotd' program in a terminal window, to make
   it easier to see error messages:
	killall gpilotd

5. Now start the gnome-pilot configuration applet and try configuring.
   I think you want to claim that you HAVE used sync software before -
   it doesn't mean that you've used gnome-pilot, just that you have
   a username set on the device.

Let us know how you get on, and tell us if gpilotd reports any errors.

Hang in there, we'll get this going...


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