Re: Infinite list in ToDo List

On Fri, 2005-04-29 at 22:25 -0500, Joel Konkle-Parker wrote:
This question is more related to general Pilot usage than gnome-pilot,
although I do use it for my syncing.

I have a Palm IIIxe that I use for day-to-day management. I've been
having some churn going on with syncing and backups, so things have been
a little crazy. Somewhere during the process, my pilot ended up with
what appears to be an infinite number of blank entries in the ToDo List
(after my regular entries). These entries only show up on the pilot
itself, not in Evolution or jpilot.

Does anyone have any advice on how to get rid of these? It's not like I
can click each one and delete, there's just too many of them.

Thanks in advance.

Your question (or variations of it) seem to come up on this list quite often.    Happily, I've not had that problem myself.   (Unhappily, I haven't been able to get my Sony TJ37 to sync with Evolution on Red Hat 9 so far).

Anyhow, I recently came across mention elsewhere of this open source utility:

"Red Feline Tidy".     It says it removes duplicates from Palm data.
Seems to me that if it works, it ought to reduce your bazillion blank records to just one, which would then be easy to delete.   If it doesn't work, I'd suspect that maybe the records in question aren't duplicates, perhaps by not being as blank as they look. (Take note of the mention in the documentation that the utility isn't expected to work on PalmOS >= 6.0.   Your Palm III is sufficiently old that this shouldn't be a problem for you.   I wish I knew enough about PalmOS internals to understand what it is about PalmOS 6.0 that might break the program),

Again, it isn't my utility and I haven't tried it, but it looked sufficiently applicable to your problem (and the similar problems of other people  here), that I figured I should pass along the URL to the list.   If it turns out to screw up your data and e-mail nasty notes to your grandmother, I disclaim all responsibility (but I'd sure like to hear about it).


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