Re: Beginner looking for an 'Howto'

Matt Davey wrote:
Did you restart gpilotd?  The devices.xml is only checked when
gpilotd starts.

Try the following:
open a terminal window
Run 'killall gpilotd'
Run '/usr/libexec/gpilotd'

This will start gpilotd in the terminal window, so you can see its

Now run 'gpilotd-control-applet' to start the applet, and see what
messages you get from gpilotd.

Ok, the applet work. I've defined a new device. If I press sync just after I launch gpilotd, the zire communicates, but gpilotd send this message :
(gpilotd:28741): gpilotd-WARNING **: Unknown pilot, no userID/username match 22506
gpilotd-Message: setting PILOTRATE=57600

(gpilotd:28741): gpilotd-WARNING **: pi_accept_to: Connection timed out

(gpilotd:28741): gpilotd-WARNING **: pi_accept_to: timeout was 2 secs

I allready have a username on the palm, and I thought the applet could get it. But when I ask to get the Id from the pilot, I obtain a popup box telling :
'Unknown pilot - no pilots matches ID -1074534108
Use gnomecc to set pilot's ID'

I'm a bit confused with these IDs...


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