Suspend Mode SuSE 9.2 and Autostart for SuSE

Cleaning up some of the last bits o' irritating things I have to do to
get Linux as my work OS perfect. 

IBM Thinkpad T41 running fully patched version of SuSE 9.2. Evolution
2.x. Pilot device is a SPi500 Samsung phone

1) I use suspend a lot as it easy to just suspend the laptop and go
home.... vs shutting it down every day. I have found that gpilotd does
NOT EVER work after waking up from a suspended state. I alway end up
killing the process and respawning it. Is their a way to have this
respawn upon restart or to work better with suspend?

2) When I boot the laptop fresh (ie not sleep) gpilotd never starts
automatically. I have not found a way to get it to start the
gpilod-control process in the background automatically... .this kind of
dove-tails in to question one because the likely (at least short term
fix) is to figure out how to tell suspend script to unload gpilotd and
the reload after suspend). Is their a way to call it to automatically
spawn? (I realize that this could / more likely is a SuSE question but I
have yet to find a good user group for these kinds of questions).

3) I have found that my PALM / Phone does not work well with transfer of
large files. gpilotd just times out and on occasion will hang hard
(reboot laptop or go into some kind of state where I can not 'kill -9'
the process. This is  very rare and I believe the issue will be resolved
in with the new pilot-link version. Any comments on this?


Jeremey Wise
jeremey wise agilysys com

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