Re: Suspend Mode SuSE 9.2 and Autostart for SuSE

On Monday 07 March 2005 10:14, Jeremey Wise wrote:
> Cleaning up some of the last bits o' irritating things I have to do to
> get Linux as my work OS perfect.
> Profile:
> IBM Thinkpad T41 running fully patched version of SuSE 9.2. Evolution
> 2.x. Pilot device is a SPi500 Samsung phone

Cool.  =:)  I have an IBM A31 laptop, so we've similar systems.

> Issues:
> 1) I use suspend a lot as it easy to just suspend the laptop and go
> home.... vs shutting it down every day. I have found that gpilotd does
> NOT EVER work after waking up from a suspended state. I alway end up
> killing the process and respawning it. Is their a way to have this
> respawn upon restart or to work better with suspend?

I believe the culprit here is the USB subsystem on our laptops.  I have to do 
the same thing.  I have 2 files sitting in /etc/sysconfig/apm-scripts on my 
Fedora Core 3 system that do this for me.  The apmcontinue-pre script is run 
at suspend and the apmcontinue script is run at resume.  

killall gpilotd
rmmod -f -v visor
rmmod -f -v uhci-hcd

modprobe uhci-hcd
modprobe visor

I've other stuff in there too, but that's what's relevant to your question.  
I've switched from gpilot to kpilot a couple of months ago, so I can't tell 
you if it's gotten any better since.  And, if you run the gnome-pilot applet, 
when your system resumes, the applet should take care of restarting gpilotd 
properly, iirc.

> 2) When I boot the laptop fresh (ie not sleep) gpilotd never starts
> automatically. I have not found a way to get it to start the
> gpilod-control process in the background automatically... .this kind of
> dove-tails in to question one because the likely (at least short term
> fix) is to figure out how to tell suspend script to unload gpilotd and
> the reload after suspend). Is their a way to call it to automatically
> spawn? (I realize that this could / more likely is a SuSE question but I
> have yet to find a good user group for these kinds of questions).

I believe if you add gnome-pilot-applet to your session and tell the session 
to start it and restart it if need be, this should work.

> 3) I have found that my PALM / Phone does not work well with transfer of
> large files. gpilotd just times out and on occasion will hang hard
> (reboot laptop or go into some kind of state where I can not 'kill -9'
> the process. This is  very rare and I believe the issue will be resolved
> in with the new pilot-link version. Any comments on this?

Ouch.  By transfer, you mean installation?  Did you try pilot-xfer -i from a 
command line (after killing off gpilotd) to see if you can see what's 


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