Re: Problems with Red Hat 9 and gpilot

I have the visor module loaded and no change.  Here again is the message
I am getting from gpilotd-control-applet:

Message: Timeout -> 2
gpilotd-Message: Initing gnome vfs
** ERROR **: Cannot connect to the GnomePilot Daemon
Abort (core dumped)

If you need more info, let me know.


On Tue, 2003-05-13 at 17:14, David A. Desrosiers wrote:
> > What visor module?
> 	Bzzt. You can't sync a Palm device on Linux without loading the
> proper code to recognize the Palm device itself, and that code resides in a
> module called 'visor', which you'll need loaded in order to connect and
> hence sync your Palm device. If 'visor' is not loaded, you can't sync your
> Palm device, period.
> 	Check out README.usb in the pilot-link source for more details.
> d.
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