gpilotd isn't seeing my Palm

I've been pulling my hair out on this one.  So any help would be greatly

I am using Evolution 1.0.8, gnome-pilot 0.1.65, and pilot-link 0.11.3.
I have a Tungsten-T with a USB cradle.

Now, I have patched visor.o so that the Tungsten is recognized.  I can
sync just fine using pilot-xfer.

I set up gpilot (using gpilotd-control-applet) to use the same device
that I successfully used for pilot-xfer.

But no matter what I do, gpilot won't do a thing when I hit the hot sync
button.  It's like it's not seeing the device file when it gets created.

Is there any debug switch I can set or something to give me some more
information on what's going on?

Ron Lauzon - rlauzon acm nospam org

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