Re: Any plans for gnome 2 ?

On Thu, 2002-10-17 at 18:11, Diego SANTA CRUZ wrote:
> Hi there,
> I've been a user of gnome-pilot for a long time now and I'm very
> grateful for your developments. Thanks a lot!
> I recently updated to RedHat 8.0 (based on Gnome 2) and found that the
> gnome-pilot applet does not work (in fact it's not even included) since
> gnome 1.4 applets are not compatible with the gnome 2 panel (or so I've
> read somewhere). While gnome-pilot sync continues to work, I find the
> applet very handy.
> So my question is, are there any plans to port the applet to gnome 2 ?

I asked the same question in April, and JP Rosevear said that
gnome-pilot was "mostly ported".

Does anyone know what happened to this port? I can't find anything in
Gnome CVS, is it available from somewhere?

If it isn't complete / isn't tested enough, is there anything I can do
to help (except to stop pestering the developers ;)

Håvard Wigtil <havardw stud ntnu no>

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