Installing files


I use a Palm M125 with RedHet 7.3 and Ximian Gnome. I tried all the
instructions from this list to be able to sync with Evolution, but ran
into compiling problems, etc, spent many (too many) hours on it, and
finally gave up. I bought a series cable, and now sync fine. It's not
fast, but for backups I use the Pilot-link USB directly from the
terminal. I'll wait until USB is dead easy with new Ximian versions.
Thanks anyway for your help in this and the pilot-link lists. Yes, it
*was* fun trying, but I finally decided I just couldn't spend any more
time on it.  8-) 

My question is simple. In the Gnome conduits, one of these is for
installing files, but I don't know where to place the files to install
them. Which directory is it? Can I change this?


Chris Nicol 

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