Re: Conduits in Redhat 8.0?

Actually RedHat forgot to include an entry in control center for the
conduit settings. They are working on it, see

You can start it by typing "gpilotd-control-applet --cap-id=1", or make
a launcher for it.

You will also find that RedHat 8 does not include the
gnome-pilot-conduits package (it only includes the file, backup and
evolution conduits). I have built an RPM for them, you can find it at Also filed in RedHat's



> Hello,
> 	I just upgraded (reinstalled) my box to Redhat 8.0. It works with my
> USB Handspring very well. No stress in setup at all. Weird thing is that
> I cannot find any conduits settings. I sync with Evolution fine but no
> data gets synced in the process. I have tried "conduits settings" and
> "synchronize" for the action but neither works. There is not a
> gnome-pilot-conduits rpm on the Redhat 8.0 distribution anywhere. 
> 	Am I missing something? Do conduits not exist in Redhat's
> implementation or is there another way of doing this I am not aware of?
> Thanks!
> Jeff
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