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On Fri, 2002-11-01 at 18:16, Paul Huang wrote:
> Thanks for your information, I tried the gpilotd-control-applet --help
> and do get some useful information.
> To the best of my understanding, I should use gnomecc to configure those
> conduits to get the correct id or cap-id. But the problem is
> that when I start gnomecc by typing the command gnome-control-center
> from redhad 8.0, I can't find anything I can configure the conduits except
> Pilot/Handspring Tool, which as I've mentioned in my previous mail that
> wouldn't be able to do conduit configuration. So, I just wonder if I have
> missed sth when install gpilot or should I do some extra configuration?
> Besides, Is there any way I can configure the conduits except using gnomecc?
> Thanks
> -Paul

Open a shell and type:

gpilotd-control-applet --cap-id=1


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