file conduit fails

I built gnome-pilot-0.1.65, gnome-pilot-conduits-0.9 and a new kernel with the
requisite patches for the Sony NR-70V.  Absolutely everything works, including
starting the sync with the cradle button only.

Absolutely everything, that is, except for the file conduit:

% gpilot-install-file --later foo.prc
gpilotd-Message: File copy failed

However, a PDB* file is created in ~/.gnome/gnome-pilot.d.  No queue file in
that dir though.

During subsequent sync gpilotd says:

gpilotd-Message: Instantiated 1 backup conduits, 1 file conduits, 5 other conduits
gpilotd-Message: HotSync button pressed, synchronizing pilot
gpilotd-Message: Pilot ID is 1000, name is MyPilot, owner is bryan
gpilotd-Message: Pilot has 0 entries in restore queue
gpilotd-Message: Pilot has 0 entries in conduit queue
gpilotd-Message: Using conduit settings for sync...
gpilotd-Message: Pilot has 0 entries in file install queue

Installing used to work with my old Palm V and the Debian gnome-pilot packages.
  I don't think that this is specific to the Sony, since it seems that
gpilot-install-file fails to queue the file in the first place.


TIA, bryan

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