Problem syncing with Handspring USB prism

RedHat 7.2

I am having a lot of difficulties synchronizing my handspring USB prism
with gnome-pilot with the latest packages from Ximian red-carpet.

Most problems are due to connectivity issue. It takes a lot of tries to
get my PDA to connect to the desktop. Sometimes it does connect but
freezes at "identifying user" then timeout. Most of the time, it just
doesn't even get there. I also notice that my visor module doesn't get
cleaned up. (for example right now it shows 8 usage when I just have one
gnome-pilotd process running). And trying to rmmod by hand shows as
expected that it is busy. Should upgrading the kernel fix those problems
? Where do I find the latest visor module ? What combo works the best.

I also notice that very often the gnome-pilot-applet lose track of the
gnome-pilotd child process. Trying the pause and resume doesn't work.
The only way to fix that issue I found is to kill the gnome-pilotd

Reading the archive I can see that I am not the only one. Is there
anything I could do to help resolve those issues? trace, logs, test,

Here are a list of little inconveniences that I noticed:

1.setting the applet for network doesn't work. It loses the settings and
crashes the capplet. 
2. Also in my gnome control center I get 2 capplets for gnome-pilot
settings and conduits. One without a name and one which is properly
3. When synchronizing the progress window sometimes doesn't pop up and
sometimes it does. I haven't find any correlations that could help find
when and why though. 
4. When clicking on the applets, it opens the control center but the
default selection (left pane) is conduits but the right pane shows pilot
settings tab.
5. Restore doesn't seem to work at all



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