Re: Palm m100, Evolution 1.0.7, and gnome-pilot 0.1.64

On Fri, 2002-07-19 at 22:34, David A. Desrosiers wrote:
> > As it turns out, it was a problem with how the Debian
> > pilot-link/gnome-pilot maintainer had compiled the programs and released
> > them into the unstable branch. He has since corrected the problem, and I'm
> > happy to say that Evolution and my Palm sync nicely together once again.
> 	Can you let me know the issue, so I can let others who may report
> similar problems know how to get them fixed?
Apparently the Debian package maintainer had been preparing new releases
of gnome-pilot and pilot-link for the unstable branch, and hadn't kept
them in sync. As a result, gnome-pilot (then version 0.1.64) was
compiled against a version of pilot-link that was no longer available in
Debian unstable (0.9.5) -- which caused some dependency problems for
those who hadn't installed the two before, and run-time problems for
those who had them on their systems already.

Currently, the gnome-pilot and pilot-link binaries are in sync on the
Debian unstable tree, and are at versions 0.1.65 and 0.10.99,
respectively. With this combination, I have had no errors with syncing
my pilot to Evolution.


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