Re: Syncing Visor with Linux and gpilotd

You need to use pilot-link 0.10.99 or later for usb support, it just
wont work with 0.95.

Also You may have trouble with kernel versions earlier than 2.4.18.

See README.usb in pilot-link cvs for more details.

hope this helps...



On Tue, 2002-07-16 at 15:21, Russ Loucks wrote:
> I've been using Linux for some time and syncing my Visor with a Windows
> system  for some time as well.  However, I would like to get my Visor to
> sync with my Linux workstation...
> I've been working on this for a couple of days.....  I've tried
> maaaaannnnyyy different combinations of packages/programs/prayers, but
> I'm having great difficulty in getting my Visor to consistantly sync
> with my Linux workstation (running RH 7.3 -- kernel 2.4.7-10).
> I use Evolution as my mail program but KDE 3 as my desktop. I also see
> in the RH source package documentation directory there is a file called
> 'usb-serial.txt'.  It contains the following paragraph:
>   NOTE:
>     This means that in order to talk to the Visor, the sync button must
>     be pressed BEFORE trying to get any program to communicate to the
>     Visor. This goes against the current documentation for pilot-xfer
>     and other packages, but is the only way that it will work due to the
>     hardware in the Visor.
> All right, I'm past that.  I've verified this.  All packages (coldsync,
> pilot-xfer, etc.) all need to have the sync button pushed first before
> the application starts in order for the software to communicate with the
> device.
> Where am I going?  Two questions:
> 1. When I start gpilotd manually (after pushing the sync button), the
> sync hangs at: 
> gpilotd-Message: gnome-pilot 0.1.65 starting...
> gpilotd-Message: compiled for pilot-link version 0.9.5
> gpilotd-Message: compiled with [VFS] [GOAD] [USB] [IrDA] [Network]
> gpilotd-Message: Activating CORBA server
> gpilotd-Message: Watching Cradle (/dev/ttyUSB1)
> gpilotd-Message: setting PILOTRATE=57600
> gpilotd-Message: Cradle Cradle has 0 events
> gpilotd-Message: Instantiating 4 conduits...
> eaddrconduit-Message: in address's conduit_get_gpilot_conduit
> ecalconduit-Message: in calendar's conduit_get_gpilot_conduit
> etodoconduit-Message: in todo's conduit_get_gpilot_conduit
> gpilotd-Message: Instantiated 1 backup conduits, 0 file conduits, 3
> other conduits
> gpilotd-Message: HotSync button pressed, synchronizing pilot
> gpilotd-Message: Pilot ID is 1077, name is MyPilot, owner is Russell
> Loucks
> ....hangs here
> The Visor connection fails.....  What can I do to debug this?
> 2.  How can I get 'gpilotd' to use the new pilot-link-0.11 version?  Do
> I need to?
> Thanks for any help....
> R
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