Re: [Usbvisor-unix] Visor + GnomePilot (fwd)

As an answer to the question I posted here earlier ...

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Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 11:57:00 +0100 (CET)
From: Kris Buytaert <buytaert be stone-it com>
To: usbvisor-unix lists sourceforge net
Subject: Re: [Usbvisor-unix] Visor + GnomePilot

> I`m having troubles getting my USB Visor to talk with GnomePilot.
> I can make backups using pilot-xfer so the device is working.
> However during the Pilot identification  the program fail to recognise the
> Visor.

In the meanwhile I succeeded in compiling Gnome-Pilot on another machine.
Still no success in getting the Gnome-Pilot installation module to
recognise the Visor.

Thus i tried getting it installed with the serial craddle.  This worked.

After this I am now able to synchronise my stuff into gnome.

Next step will be integration with evolution.

greetings ..

Kris Buytaert
 Senior Consultant
  buytaert be stone-it com

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