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> Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 02:08:24 -0800 (PST)
> From: "David A. Desrosiers" <hacker gnu-designs com>
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> Subject: Re: gnome-pilot-list digest, Vol 1 #125 - 1 msg
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> > Yes, I think this was confirmed by the author of coldsync.  On my
> > computer, there are enough checksum errors to make pilot-link
> > unusable; coldsync handles them and therefore synchs reliably.  It
> > would be great if the gnome tools could be configured to allow using
> > coldsynch instead of pilot-link.
>         Then you must be using an ancient version of pilot-link or gpilotd
> if you're still getting checksum errors.

Nope.  I'm using  pilot-link 0.9.5-pre3.

>         I sync my various Palms every day with pilot-link over IR, USB,
> USB->Serial adapters, Serial without a single incident. I will get some
> 'weird packet' errors when I know the speed is cranked wrong (like
> cranking it over 9600 with the older Keyspan drivers, for example).

The problem is not that there are weird packet errors but that, after it
gets on eof them, pilot-xfer stops instead of trying to handle it. 
Worse, it somehow tells the Palm that the synch has been sucessfully
completed; to the user, it looks like everything's OK, when in fact, the
backup has failed.

>         Perhaps you should post a bug report, so I can diagnose the
> problem, if indeed it is a problem with pilot-link. The bug report should
> consist of the following information:

I actually have posted this bug quite a while ago (gnome bug #'s 25662
and 25660 25659) but it may have been to gnome office instead of to a
pilot like website (I noticed it when trying to use the gnome calendar
synch.  Anyway, I'll repost it, as soon as comes back

>         1. version of the tool you are using (*NOT* the package
>            version, but the version the tool itself reports, i.e.
>            'pilot-xfer --version', not 'rpm -qa | grep pilot-link' or
>            'dpkg -l | grep pilot-link'.
>         2. I will need to know your command arguments ('pilot-xfer -p
>            /dev/usb/bus/0 -b .' for example)
>         3. Your port settings (setserial -a will tell you that)
>         4. Your Palm unit (Visor? Clie? Palm? TRG?)
>         5. PalmOS version on that unit
>         6. A list of any hacks you are running at sync time (such as
>            AfterBurner)
>         7. The exact error you get (an accompanying backtrace makes it
>            much easier to figure out).
>         8. Your platform (Intel? PPC?) and chipset (PII? P4? M68k?)
>         9. What version of the OS you are running (BSD? Linux?), which
>            should include the kernel you are running on the box (2.2?
>            2.4?).
>         With this information in hand, I can diagnose and probably fix
> your problem, whether it exists within pilot-link, or within the
> configuration of your machine (hardware or software).
>         You should also check your hardware to make sure that it isn't
> flaking out on you.
> /d
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