Re: USB visor cradle

Okay.  From what I understand when you hit the hotsync button it will
create device on the file and in the proc file system.  gpilotd will look
for the proc filesystem.  So you should use the capplet or druid as you
would normally use a Palm.  

Have you tried restarting the gpilotd in a terminal window and looking at
the debugging info it reports?

Christian Pearce

On Sun, 15 Oct 2000, Jeremy Muhlich wrote:

> Hey all, just joined the list after trying to make gnome-pilot work with
> my USB visor.  (seems to be a common theme around here...)
> /proc/bus/usb is working correctly, and pilot-xfer does work correctly
> for me.  But still no go on gnome-pilot.  I can't even get it get my
> userid off my visor so I can't really go much farther.  When I run the
> druid, or hit the button in the capplet to pull the userid from my
> visor, nothing happens (yes, I hit the hotsync button just before doing
> these things).
> I'm a pretty experienced developer, and I'd love to help out with usb
> visor support.  Who is working on this now, and how can I help?
>  -- Jeremy
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