Re: Gpilotd wont sync after re-boot

Randall Gibson wrote:

> Hello everyone:)
>         I am very happy with the way gnome makes my Palm much easier to integrate into my desktop environment. Thank you all for the great work.

We aim to please and kill (and read our piles of old emails...)

>         The only think I am having a problem with is that it will not sync with my palm after a re-boot. I have to start jpilot, and start the sync with it, then everything will work untill my next re-boot. Not a very big deal since I dont re-boot often, but I would like to find out why this is happening. I know everything is configured correctly since it will always work fine otherwise.

Beats me. So you're saying that once you've synced with jpilot, it works with gnome-pilot ?
What if you try with pilot-link instead ?


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