Re: Impressed, *very* impressed, but...

Atte Andre Jensen wrote:

> 1) What should I enter in the "MH mail directory" field in the control
> center? Currently there's nothing there - I guess that's why incomming
> mail aren't showing up on the Palm, right?
> 2) I feverishly tried to enter a mail on the palm, but got an error in my
> linux mail box that there's "data format error". I remember this also
> happened with pilot-mail before I got it configurred right. What to do
> about this???

Embarrasingly enought, noone answered you in almost two months.

Anyways, 1) I don't know jack about the conduit, didn't write it 2) the
is basically the pilot-mail program with some conduit code taped on top. So
whatever you did in the pilot-mail case, should be the same for the conduit.


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