Re: Installation Anomalies?

On Mon, 15 May 2000 07:15:22 Nick Bower wrote:
> Hi.  Gnome-pilot - great project - just wish I could use it.  I'm 
> running RH6.1 on a Thinkpad 600E.
> Firstly, maybe just a cosmetic error:
> # rpm -ivh gnome-pilot-0.1.52-1.i386.rpm 
> error: failed dependencies:
> 	libglade >= 0.11 is needed by gnome-pilot-0.1.52-1
no it's not. rpm doesn't stop for cosmetic errors.

> # rpm -qa | grep libglade
> libglade-0.6-1
huau. that's old.

> So I just forced it to be installed with the --nodeps option.  More 

the rpm man page should have a bold "only use this option if you have a clue
about what you are doing". i blame redhat. the --nodeps option lets you use
to start with a totally working system and end up with something where ls

> importantly however, whenever I try to sync, I just get
> "gpilotd caused a fatal error (Segmentation Fault)".
that figures. 

> This happens before any logging occurs and before any of the conduits 
> kick in.  The gnome bug number seems unhelpful given it is different 
> and increasing every time the problem occurs.
the gnome bug number ? don't you mean pid ?

> Can anyone offer advice on how I can get this package to work?
yes, get libglade-0.11 from and try again.


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