Installation Anomalies?

Hi.  Gnome-pilot - great project - just wish I could use it.  I'm 
running RH6.1 on a Thinkpad 600E.

Firstly, maybe just a cosmetic error:

# rpm -ivh gnome-pilot-0.1.52-1.i386.rpm 
error: failed dependencies:
	libglade >= 0.11 is needed by gnome-pilot-0.1.52-1

# rpm -qa | grep libglade

So I just forced it to be installed with the --nodeps option.  More 
importantly however, whenever I try to sync, I just get

"gpilotd caused a fatal error (Segmentation Fault)".

This happens before any logging occurs and before any of the conduits 
kick in.  The gnome bug number seems unhelpful given it is different 
and increasing every time the problem occurs.

Can anyone offer advice on how I can get this package to work?

Cheers and many thanks, Nick.

PS - Yep the permissions on /dev/ttyS1 are read/write for all.

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