Re: MAL conduit setup help for Vindigo

> Maybe the best strategy to get Vindigo to work on Linux/Unix is to
> first get it to work with malsync, since this will allow also people
> who don't use gnome(-pilot) to use it (e.g., users of KPilot, JPilot,
> or PilotManager).  I cc'd this email to Tom Whittaker, who might be
> interested in making this work.

	I have a fully-functional version of malsync here working 100%
with the Vindigo servers. Jake and I have been in contact with respect to
maturing the linux offerings in their space. Stay tuned for more news as
it happens.

	A very large turning in point in the MAL space is about to happen,
and you may see something very startling happen with "The Major
Player(tm)" in this space within the next week or two.

> Incidentially, what will the implications be for development of MAL
> conduits for Unix since AvantGo closed-sourced MobileLink?  See

	They closed it, and I forked it, and am contintuing development
with Tom Whittaker's full support, on my cvs server. 

	Just because AvantSlow refuses to support the open source
development of it, and then turns around and locks out the cvs, then sells
a commercial product (without providing source) to their commercial
partners, with sources which were covered under the MPL, does not mean
that it's "closed". 

	They can't close an open source project unless every developer is
dead, or agrees to forgoe their source, which they haven't.

	Interesting tactics they've been doing... some not-so-nice, which
I am filing an incident for.

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