Re: MAL conduit setup help for Vindigo


I have briefly looked into this and maybe the vindigo people could 
help me out. I started by signing up for a Vindigo account, downloading
the installer and the running it. Here is where I diverged from
the windows installer and what Vindigo will need to work on to 
support Unix. 

1. I copied the files the Vindigo installer placed into my palm 
   install directory (libmal.prc, Mobilelink.prc, Vindgo.prc and 
   VindigoChannels.pdb) into an emulator session.

2. I opened mobilelink and entered the info to sync to 
   vindigo (, 80, username, password)

3. I hit modem sync on the emulator.

4. The vindigo servre sent down a MAL error which 
   read "invalid user cookie" and a CALLAGAIN status.

5. Mobilelink connected again and immeadiatly gave a 
   "chunk overlock error"

If the vindigo folks could get this to work (a successful
sync with just installing prcs and not running their conduit)
I a pretty certain malsync will just work, and if it doesn't it
will be trivial to patch.


On Sun, 30 Jul 2000, Richard Zach wrote:

> Dear Jake:
> This is in response to your recent query on the gnome-pilot list,
> archived at
> The current version of the MAL conduit for gnome-pilot does not work
> with MobileLink versions greater than 3.0.  Vindigo packages MobileLink
> v. 3.3.  I don't know if Vindigo requires MobileLink 3.3 on the Palm; if
> it does, it won't work with gnome-pilot until that is updated.  I
> downgraded the MobileLink on my Visor from 3.3 to 3.0 and got the same
> results with the gnome-pilot conduit that I got with malsync:
> The gnome-pilot MAL conduit is actually based on malsync, a console tool
> by by Tom Whittaker, in turn based--I think--on the MobileLink code
> released by AvantGo.  It is available at 
> The current version malsync 2.4 works with MobileLink 3.3.  
> I tried out Vindigo.  Here's what I did:
> 1. Downloaded the Windows installer from
> 2. Ran the installer under Windows
> 3. Took the 4 files created (libmal, MobileLink, Vindigo, and
> VindigoChannels) and installed them using pilot-xfer.
> 4. Put in the server information in MobileLink
> This put Vindigo on my Visor, and it seemed to be working fine.  In
> order to fully support Vindigo under Unix, you'd have to eliminate step
> (2), i.e., provide some way to download the bare Vindigo.prc and
> VindigoChannels.prc files.  These seem to be dynamically generated since
> Vindigo knew that I wanted the San Francisco version.
> After running/syncing with malsync, it also created the various
> databases it does (VSync, VSyncPatches, VindigoUser, VindigoHistory,
> VindigoPrefs).
> The syncing did not create any error messages and things seemed to
> happen (a log created with malsync -g is attached).  I can't tell if it
> actually did sync ordinary content (movie times and such). It did,
> however, NOT change my city information after I had changed it on the
> Vindigo server.
> Maybe the best strategy to get Vindigo to work on Linux/Unix is to first
> get it to work with malsync, since this will allow also people who don't
> use gnome(-pilot) to use it (e.g., users of KPilot, JPilot, or
> PilotManager).  I cc'd this email to Tom Whittaker, who might be
> interested in making this work.
> Incidentially, what will the implications be for development of MAL
> conduits for Unix since AvantGo closed-sourced MobileLink?  See
> Best regards,
> Richard Zach

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